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There is purity and a richness here which I must try to explain. Perched on one post, this beautiful but very efficient predator monitors her hunting ground contemplating her next meal. She is not happy to see me and is off before I get a chance to admire her.

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Crow Hill Cottage Location

I immediately start to feel the excitement of the walk ahead, as I love the sense of wild remoteness of this place. What will I see? Which direction will I take? Who cares? I have a strong, yet welcome sense of vulnerability here. Here I am no more important than the passing raven or the fleeting hare. My safety depends on my sure footedness, weather conditions and my dreadful sense of direction. Once off the main track and only using the narrow channels through the corridors of heather I am guided only by the view of Crow Hill.

There is a mixture of soft turf channels, hard rocky pathways and carpets of deep-pile magenta heather and I get to choose which I want to walk on. The hill is patterned by this vascular system of little vein-like tracks left behind by rain runoff, grazing mountain sheep and the odd wanderer like myself.

Nature has shaped this landscape and there is an amazing sense of freedom in its isolation.

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It feels so pure, so clean and so honest. I am now fully connected with it and I feel so lucky to have the ability to come here and to have an appreciation for it. As I walk I become entranced by the views, the light, the air and the smells. The clouds overhead move gently along in the breeze and their great shadows race passed me effortlessly crossing the mountains and valleys, morphing into different shapes and caressing the land as they pass, embracing it like an old friend.

My mind is a whirl from trying to take it all in and my legs are working away on autopilot, pounding away to a rhythm of their own, making ground at their own pace and loving every step.

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Suddenly my trance is disturbed by a fleeting skylark as it leaps from the heather. I smile and consider his life here on this isolated mountainside and why he chose to live here and I think to myself, well chosen my dear friend! Below me to the South is the wild and beautiful Araglin landscape and to the West is the green tapestry of the agriculturally rich Golden Vale, a beautifully patterned bountiful landscape. Hundreds of square miles of forestry and farmland, roads, houses, villages and towns. A testament to generations of human endeavour and ingenuity.

James W. Marvin

I sit for a while and enjoy. Beauty, peace and tranquility are the order of the day here. Many walks are available, suitable for the all types of walkers, including the Pennine Way. Please visit www. The estate, covering nearly ha acres of unenclosed common moorland and almost surrounding the village of Marsden, takes in the northern part of the Peak District National Park, with valleys, reservoirs, peaks and crags, as well as archaeological remains dating from pre-Roman times to the great engineering structures of the canal and railway ages.

The landscape supports large numbers of moorland birds such as the golden plover, red grouse, curlew and diminutive twite. At the National Trust Estate office is the 'Welcome to Marsden' exhibition, giving a good insight into the area. Marsden Village - Marsden is a small Pennine village with every amenity visitors could possibly need - local butchers, bakers and greengrocers etc. As well as a new wine bar, there is a real ale pub and a wide selection of eating places including pubs, pizza restaurant and a fabulous gourmet restaurant and all within a 5 minute walk from Crow Hill, The Cottage and The Lodge.

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Marsden Jazz Festival is a lively annual festival that brings traditional and modern jazz to the Valley in October each year. Marsden Cuckoo Day is also a great event which celebrates the arrival of Spring. The canal and Tunnel End are at the end of the village offering lovely walks, canal boat rides and even a canal boat cafe! The local golf course is Marsden Golf Course, which is 10 minutes walk from the Crow Hill and set on the edge of the Moors, with the most amazing views at every hole!

The Surrounding Area - The immediate surrounding area includes Holmfirth.