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  1. Who Built Ancient Egypt's Great Pyramid? Hidden Text Holds Clues to Thousand-Year-Old Mystery
  2. Floating stones : Great Pyramid built with water power
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  5. Just how the hell were the Egyptian Pyramids actually built? | six-two by Contiki

Thanks for the good question. The theory sounds intriguing but in the case of the pyramids I don't think it holds up to scrutiny. All of the stones for the blocks came from quarries established along the Nile River. Granite for the King's Chamber came from a quarry at Aswan, almost six hundred miles away, while another quarry was right at the immediate Pyramid site, the Giza Plateau, although those weren't the only ones.

Castings would have been far lighter, which would have tremendously reduced the manpower required for so massive a project. But I think they wouldn't have been able to stand up to the elements for the past 4, years nearly as well as their quarried counterparts. I can just imagine the Great Pyramid looking today like some of its experimental predecessors or the ones from a later era when the art of Egyptian pyramid building substantially subsided.

Who Built Ancient Egypt's Great Pyramid? Hidden Text Holds Clues to Thousand-Year-Old Mystery

The pyramids today are still a magnificent testament to the capabilities of the Egyptians. It's no wonder some people hold theories about Ancient Alien engineers having helped the Egyptians to design and build them. But I believe they are the result of the dreams of some of the most brilliant engineering minds the world has ever seen, but with a great deal of inspiration from their gods.

I can only imagine the way they originally looked, with their brilliant limestone casings intact and fairly glowing in the sun. Upon approach for miles the pyramids could have been seen reflecting bright sunlight off their surfaces. Imagine traveling from a vassal state, perhaps in a trading caravan or a diplomatic mission and seeing a glow in the sky radiating from miles away. Then, on further approach realizing that the cause of that glow was emanating from three huge pyramids having been hidden by the curvature of the earth, the main one of which you just discovered to your surprise was the largest structure on the planet.

The Pyramids fairly shouted out the power of one of the most advanced cultures the world has ever seen. You are my vassal. Structures such as the Pyramids or Ramses II temple in the south near the Nubian border were meant to send a message to their rivals. Casting is definitely part of the techniques used to build pyramids and statues. These stones are extremely homogeneous with no nummulites or rarely. Egyptology needs to do its revolution. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience.

Read more. Does the theory that the Great Pyramid limestones were cast hold any water? Update Cancel. What are the biggest tracker networks and what can I do about them? You dismissed this ad. Only actually doing it can prove that there is not anything that makes it impossible to actually do.

Floating stones : Great Pyramid built with water power

Having said that, accomplishing each part, separately, is strong evidence that the entire process can be done. If people build appropriately sized canals in similar geography u. Thanks to Obama and Hillary there is an abundance of illiterate undocumented laborers ready to be exploited for the task!

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They're poor and desperate, so they're necessarily illiterate, and came here because of Hillary? You've already called them rapists and murderers, Mr. Trump, so you need not continue to insult and demonize them. Everyone knows the only way the pyramids could have been built was with the help of ancient aliens.

Why would the aliens necessarily be ancient? Maybe they were just alien kids playing with blocks, and now that they've grown up they've moved on to other worlds. Yeah, we bitch about stepping on those damned legos all laying about. Wait 'til someone steps on a pyramid! It's all fun 'til someone gets hurt!

Yes and no. Strictly speaking ancient Egypt had no slaves. On the Pyramids only free men worked. In the quarries however also convicted criminals. The only slaves usually where prisoners of war, who worked everywhere but not on pyramids, and got released into freedom when they spoke enough Egyptian to settle down or to go home. There are "ceremonial slaves" like the Eunuchs in old China. The only other way to fall into slavery was huge debts, which could made you a slave to your creditor.

In Egypt, there are still large obelisks, and large carved stones, including granite! My explanation does not have to. I'm not trying to explain the construction technique of every stone structure from ancient Egypt, only how some of the large stones came to be in the pyramids. Even the people that believe in the use of poured lime slurry blocks will agree that some of the stones were quarried far away and brought in with boats, sledges, and muscle.

Perhaps they used the large stones as the forms, not wood. There was not a lot of wood in ancient Egypt. The point is that indeed there must have been some pretty sophisticated tools at work, well beyond what is attributed the ancient peoples. The mystery is NOT whether ancient peoples moved large blocks, but rather HOW they did so without sophisticated setups that they weren't supposed to have known about. Even stranger is the fact that the oldest structures some perhaps much older than has been attributed seem to be the grandest and most perplexing. The mystery is: What kinds of technology did the ancients actually have, and why did they seem to lose their knowledge of these things.

Writing was discovered, lost, rediscovered Most likely because reading and writing wasn't wide-spread in the society, but only in a specific class. If our civilization was to collapse tomorrow, I'm relatively confident that it wouldn't regress too much as literacy is more widespread in our civilization than in any before and we still h. Have you ever poured concrete? I have. Sometimes the forms move on you, things break, and now you have a very hard material that has gone beyond the bounds of where you want it to be and you have to do something about it.

What do you do? You get out some chisels and hammers. Today we'd use power saws, jackhammers, and so forth but the problem and solution is much the same. Again, as I recall the explanation on how the pyramids were built, is that it was a combination of quarried and poured blocks. That means most any chemical, radiological, and such testing might not show which was poured and which was not. You don't need an analysis to see if a stone us poured.

You see that with blank eye. It is extremely unlikely that the Egyptians used poured blocks. If they had: we had literature about it. Like we have about basically everything covering their lives. If you can make poured blocks, it would make much more sense to simply use pouring to make big structures instead of pouring blocks on site and then moving them just like you move the chiseled blocks.

The blocks where not moved once poured, they were poured in place. The theory is that many of the blocks were quarried and moved to the site. When carrying the large blocks became difficult, or they wanted a smooth surface to work with, they would pour the blocks in place. Sometimes the blocks poured in place would have to be trimmed to allow for the placement of carved blocks, and that would mean chiseling into the poured block. You are correct, the evidence of poured blocks can be plainly seen. I was m.

Sorry, it is extremely obvious that they never used any pouring techniques. A no literature B no poured building parts of ordinary architecture temples, walls C no poured blocks, or what ever, in the pyramids. Bozhe moy, you managed to pivot an article on ancient pyramids to arguments about the NFL! Well-played, comrade. Whatever race they were, they were using slaves. We should hate the Egyptians solely because they used slavery. Well, Yul Brunner notwithstanding, the currently accepted theory is that the pyramids were not built by slaves, but by paid labourers. Islam is not a threat. Extremist Islam is a threat, it's not the same thing.

Extremist Christianity is a threat as well, like any extremist sect or ideology. I have not seen Obama being a communist sympathizer, though that's a phrase seldom heard these days, invented by the anti-commie extremist of Joe McCarthy who I thought was still dead. As for Trump, he's automatically dangerous because he's the president and is far more dangerous than any other single person in the US.

He's also showing plenty of sign. Since Indo-European is a language, part of a cultural complex that spread over many different populations, I find that hard to believe. Do you have any reliable sources? However, I'm not aware of any linguistic evidence for PIE [wikipedia. Aside from the off-color humor, Cleopatra was greek ptolomy dynasty and lived closer to our time than the time when those pyramids were built - they were already years old when she was alive, years ago. Yes, Subsaharan Africa had some extremely advanced cultures and kingdoms - and did so right up to about the 15th century when the P.

There has been no historical or archeological evidence found that the Egyptians ever enslaved the Jews. Did they make the A frame too narrow the first time, but got it right the second? I think I saw that one. It sticks because I thought "that A frame looks too narrow!

The Water Shaft Theory

There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. We all agree on the necessity of compromise. We just can't agree on when it's necessary to compromise. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Newsweek reports: Archaeologists believe they have found the key to unlocking a mystery almost as old as the Great Pyramid itself: Who built the structure and how were they able to transport two-ton blocks of stone to the ancient wonder more than 4, years ago?

Experts had long established that the stones from the pyramid's chambers were transported from as far away as Luxor, more than miles to the south of Giza, the location of the Great Pyramid, but had never agreed how they got there. However, the diary of an overseer, uncovered in the seaport of Wadi al-Jafr, appears to answer the age-old question, showing the ancient Egyptians harnessed the power of the Nile to transport the giant blocks of stone.

Along with the papyrus diary of the overseer, known as Merer, the archaeologists uncovered a ceremonial boat and a system of waterworks. The ancient text described how Merer's team dug huge canals to channel the water of the Nile to the pyramid. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted.

More Login. Water pump theory Score: 3 , Interesting. Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re: Score: 2 , Informative. I read that link, and wow, it's some pseudoscientific claptrap.


Here are a few choice quotes: "The shape has been shown to have dramatic energizing effects. Re: Score: 2. Kyosuke writes:. I want to know the last time that part of Egypt hit C. Or F, for that matter. Re: Score: 3. Thanks Science! Score: 2 , Insightful. Re:Thanks Science! Score: 4 , Insightful. It's easy to suspect and hypothesize. It's quite another thing to prove it. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. The proof is new. You know, the "new" part of "news". Actually they used ramps made from sand A chain of water locks going a few hundred meters high, is extremely impractical, on such a tight place.

Then add frat boys. Score: 4 , Interesting. I think the stonehenge story is a b.

Just how the hell were the Egyptian Pyramids actually built? | six-two by Contiki

You're conflating two aspects of Stonehenge. There are two types and styles of stones used in the Stonehenge monument : the large, rectangular stones used in the "two up and one across" structures trilithons are made from "sarsen" a calcareous sandstone remnant from various parts of the "Downs" on which Stonehenge is built. The likely source for these slabs - up to about 40 tons - is considered the Marlborough Downs, odd miles to the north of the site.

However there are 56 smaller stones in the site. Dad, is that you? Howzit going up there? Junky video. Be warned Score: 2. That link takes you to a site that auto plays a slide of text, slowly with even more weird music. Foget Net neuatrality? These sites will kill internet as we know it. It was Aliens!

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  • Ancient Aliens! Score: 2 , Troll. Those "archeologists" were not present there. That "surveyer" was only part of a conspiracy to surpress the truth about our ancient overlords. No ammount of "evidence" will change that. I still can not conceive how that could be done by mere humans, therefore: Aliens! Anything and everything else is all fake news.

    Comments Section Score: 2. The comments section on this site has really gone downhill. Where did all of the intellectually brilliant and funny comments go? Could it be a new age of younger, less smart people due to frequent use of cell phones and Facebook? Has the NSA infested the community? Mass mind control?

    Not all have travelled beyond the Rim. Many remain. Re:Comments Section Score: 4 , Funny. They're just waiting, watching for a time when the universe might need them again. As long as that universe has good personal time breaks and isn't too uphill. Daniel Jackson isn't posting here any more. Not really solved. Score: 2. They think the stones were floated on logs and custom built canals brought the stones from quarry site to the construction site. It is not a mystery and people were already guessing they must have done it.

    Nile boats are very prominent in all Egypt art work. No shit Score: 3. This "great mystery" hasn't been such for a long time. Quarries carved rocks to make blocks, the blocks were moved onto barges and then the barges were sailed to places where they were required. Evidence for canals was established long before now. That they built the pyramids proves that if they weren't idiots, they were deluded. What a waste of human effort. And unlike you, 5 years ago, hey had universal health care in Egypt years ago.

    There is archeological evidence of canals from quarries in Aswan that has been known about for years. And canals and docks near Giza that granite blocks arrived. In fact virtually every limestone, sandstone and granite quarry in Egypt was situated close to the Nile for obvious reasons. Also obvious would be their desire to minimize the effort required to transport blocks which would involve bringing water closer to the quarry via canals where practicable.

    If you had bothered to do even a brief search before. Cast in place? Re:Cast in place? Score: 5 , Interesting. Except it is known the blocks used are quarried limestone and granite, not concrete. Score: 5 , Informative. I think you're presuming technology neither known nor suspected to be in existence at the time the pyramids were built. Where's the chemical evidence that the stones aren't natural? I learned that almost five decades ago [imdb. I read they were moved using an alien transportation system powered by the Sun's harmonics.

    The book had equations and everything. Dunno why my idea never caught on Waiting for my Nobel Prize.. Now prove it. Water locks and water channels are already proven technologies. Even ancient China had them. You mean like these traces? Oh please Score: 2. Damn, so no aliens, huh? The Greek guy with the electric hair will be disappointed. You realize that by using basic physics it is possible to prove it with out doing it right? Yes 2 lets calculate the required buoyancy of a barge for such a stone Score: 5 , Insightful.

    All it takes is showing that it is physically possible The papyrus said so Reading doesn't seem to be your strong suit. That can only prove it's impossible. Re: Score: 3 , Informative. Its not gonna be pretty. Re:Alternate theory Score: 5 , Informative.