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What price do you want to pay:. Obviously, this is weird as hell. There are certainly logical explanations for this. Maybe the lucky numbers were added into the fortune cookies after those Powerball wins. Plenty of people have won lotteries , even the Powerball , with fortune cookie insight.

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Anyone who tried to pick up Mandarin from our 1, fortunes in some bootleg flashcard stratagem would be in decent luck. Intensifiers and modifiers are very much in the cards; with 21 adjectives in your arsenal, you could order that food cheap, delicious or even blue.


Only about a fifth of fortunes had predictive or forward-looking statements about what may or will occur in the misty future, but a majority hit the most delightful topic of all: you. Outside of those two main themes, there was not a ton of consensus in terms of topics covered again, I coded these by hand.

Are all the fortunes innovative and unique? Of course not.

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Even though I equipped my bot with hundreds of fortunes to draw on — it builds a fortune by randomly selecting subsequent words based on how often they succeed the previous pair of words — it may not be perfect, and all the Markov-bot-generated fortunes may not be winners. Some of the algorithmically generated advice that can now be found at FortuneBot is terrible. To ensure proper Powerball values of five numbers under 69 and one red powerball 26 and under , the final digit on the back of each fortune was declared the Powerball.

When the last number listed was above 26, I pulled the next-to-last number and designated it the Powerball, and so on. One ounce of fortune cookie versus one ounce of Froot Loops is vs. Video posts Food 31 Featured video We have videos total.

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How many fortunes are there? It would appear that the lucky numbers are legit lucky: Obviously, this is weird as hell.