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« L’Empereur de Paris », de Jean-François Richet

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Short summary Three meteorological variables precipitation, minimum temperature, and maximum temperature are interpolated on a 5 km grid, available at three temporal aggregations daily, monthly and annual , and prepared for the period — in two numerical formats: Geotiff and NetCDF3. The spatial extent includes the union of Poland and the Vistula and Oder basins. Sueyoshi, K. Saito, S. Miyazaki, J. Mori, T. Ise, H. Arakida, R. Suzuki, A. Sato, Y. Iijima, H.

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Yabuki, H. Ikawa, T. Ohta, A. Kotani, T. Hajima, H. Sato, T. Yamazaki, and A. Short summary This paper describes the construction of a forcing data set for land surface models LSMs with eight meteorological variables for the year period from to In order to prepare a set of site-fitted forcing data for LSMs with realistic yet continuous entries, four observational sites were selected to construct a blended data set using both global reanalysis and observational data.

Short summary Despite its great importance for the climate, the behaviour and content of water vapour in the troposphere is insufficiently known. The ATOVS instruments onboard polar-orbiting satellites allow the retrieval of water vapour at different altitudes and on global scale.

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Here a consistent reprocessing of water vapour products derived from the ATOVS instrument from to is presented and compared to time series derived from other instruments. The data are freely available at www. Short summary We present water level data derived from long-term measurements of water pressure at the Time Series Station Spiekeroog southern North Sea. Problems addressed during data processing include outliers, data gaps and sensor drift.

For quality control, we compared the processed data to measurements of water level obtained nearby. We also carried out a storm flood analysis and a Fourier analysis to identify major tidal components. Short summary We derive a new global 0. The resulting global 0. Driemel, H. Grobe, M.

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Diepenbroek, H. Schumacher, and R. Short summary The International Polar Year was a synchronized effort of over 60 nations to simultaneously collect data from polar regions.

Marie-France Lambert

However, large parts of IPY knowledge have only been reported in publications. Humphreys, E. Achterberg, A. Griffiths, A. McDonald, and A. Short summary We present measurements of the stable carbon isotope composition of seawater dissolved inorganic carbon. The samples were collected during two research cruises in boreal summer in the northeastern Atlantic and Nordic Seas.

The results can be used to investigate the marine carbon cycle, providing information about biological productivity and oceanic uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide. Short summary This work presents two data sets: a digital elevation model in which deforestation effects were minimized over a large area in Central Amazonia and a set of 18 topographic—hydrological descriptors calculated by the use of the Vertical Distance to the Nearest Drainage algorithm HAND.

We describe the methodology to generate and validate the data sets. Moreover, we present a brief discussion about the applicability of the data to fill the gap of environmental data in Amazonian lowland forests. The linear warming trend derived for one of the lakes shows good agreement between in situ and satellite observations. Thus, this data set will offer the possibility to investigate the impact of climate change on lake water temperatures in central Europe. Peters, R. Andres, R. Andrew, T. Boden, P. Ciais, P. Friedlingstein, R. Houghton, G. Marland, R.

Moriarty, S. Sitch, P. Tans, A. Arneth, A. Arvanitis, D. Bakker, L. Bopp, J. Canadell, L. Chini, S. Doney, A. Harper, I. Harris, J. House, A. Jain, S. Jones, E. Kato, R. Keeling, K. Klein Goldewijk, A. Koven, N. Maignan, A. Omar, T.

Les prix littéraires 2017 – La récap

Ono, G. Park, B. Pfeil, B. Poulter, M. Raupach, P. Regnier, C. Saito, J. Schwinger, J. Segschneider, B. Stocker, T. Takahashi, B. Tilbrook, S. Viovy, R. Wanninkhof, A. Wiltshire, and S. Schamm, M. Ziese, A. Becker, P. Finger, A. Meyer-Christoffer, U.

Schneider, M. Meyer-Christoffer, B. Rudolf, K. Schamm, U. Schneider, and M. Gruber, J. Bamber, M. Bierkens, H. Dobslaw, M. Thomas, L. Vermeersen, and P. More articles Alemu, W. Armstrong, R. Space Res. Ashcroft, P. Bedka, S.

Gros fou rire de Sébastien Folin dans Harry - ZAPPING TÉLÉ DU 31/05/2016

Brodzik, M. Brouwer, R. Carroll, M. Chen, Y. Chuang, T. Diao, M. Divakarla, M. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Paris-Saclay, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France. Paris-SaclayFontenay-aux-RosesFrance moc. Associated Data Supplementary Materials Transparency document. Abstract Validation data for segmentation algorithms dedicated to preclinical images is fiercely lacking, especially when compared to the large number of databases of Human brain images and segmentations available to the academic community. Open in a separate window.

Data MR images of the brain of 10 healthy young adult macaques were acquired on a 7T scanner. Table 1 Files comprised in the dataset. Subjects are named M01 to M It must be used to compute F 1 scores. Experimental design, materials and methods 2. Table 2 Subject age and weight at the MRI scan time.

Regions definition The choice of regions to segment was based on the rhesus macaque atlas published by the Center for in vivo Microscopy CIVM [1]. Sections selection Rather than manually segmenting all 80 coronal slices that constitute a MR volume, we decided to select a subset of relevant sections in all three incidences. Classification scores This dataset is provided with a set of python functions, which allow computing classification scores with our manual segmentations as a ground truth. Footnotes Transparency document Transparency document associated with this article can be found in the online version at Transparency document.

Supplementary material Transparency document Click here to view. References 1. Calabrese E. A diffusion tensor MRI atlas of the postmortem rhesus macaque brain. Balbastre Y. Primatologist: a modular segmentation pipeline for macaque brain morphometry. Paxinos G. Academic Press; San Diego: Dice L. Measures of the amount of ecologic association between species. Articles from Data in Brief are provided here courtesy of Elsevier. Support Center Support Center.

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Anne Sophie Duprels - Reviews articles

Cynomolgus monkey Macaca fasciscularis brain, MRI segmentation. Women in French Studies. Additional Information. Volume 18, Issue View Save. Table of Contents. View Formatted Version.

2 Replies to “Les prix littéraires 2017 – La récap”

Cornelio pp. What's in a Name? L'Autre face du monde. Spencer pp.