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  3. 3 Surprising Ways I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me
  4. Can I really do all things through Christ?

Danna for verse This is one of the most powerful mantras of the New Testament, if not the Bible as a whole. When we strive to live and become more like Christ, we are able to deal with ALL things life throws at us. He is our example and by striving to emulate Him, He blesses us in all our endeavors.

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Joshua isaiah for verse This is my favorite verse because it helps me in sports. Bless all the Sayers and doers of his word amen. He even says in v 18 that he is doing well due to their support.

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But he is not living in a four star hotel and he is not living in luxury. He is under house arrest until he goes before Caesar to be judged.

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  8. At that judgment he might be freed or sentenced to execution. What it means is better than that. Far better. It means whether you ever reach your dreams or not, you can handle it.

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    You can handle the good and the bad because Christ strengthens you. It means you can handle prosperity and you can handle being in need. Whatever your circumstances, the Lord Jesus gives you the strength to handle them in a way that honors God.

    Philippians 4:13

    Note how v 14 supports that. No, we do well if we help brothers and sisters in need. Whether what they need is a tire or a meal or a coat or support for clear-gospel ministry, we do well if we share in the distress of other believers. Compare Jas Verse 15 continues the theme of his thankfulness for the support of the Philippian church. The word sharing in vv is a fellowship word. There is a country called Macedonia today. Philippi was a city in eastern Macedonia. Paul first preached in Europe when he went to Philippi after the Macedonian vision of Acts In v 15 he speaks of the time when he left Macedonia.

    Only their church financially helped him. Acts tells us that he next went to Thessalonica which still exists. In v 17 Paul makes his philosophy of seeking support.

    3 Surprising Ways I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me

    While it often means word , here it refers to some sort of heavenly account. It reminds us of Matt In other words, their support of his ministry would result in eternal rewards for the believers in Philippi. Their gift, which serves his physical health, serves more significantly as evidence of their spiritual health Philippians , p. More like this story What does this scripture mean to you?

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    Can I really do all things through Christ?

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