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These partners are highlighted below and throughout the editorial. Click here for more details. The Legal United Kingdom rankings are now online. Please use the left-hand menu to navigate through the practice areas. More than four million users visit The Legal website each year and this guide offers those buying legal services in the UK, reliable and up-to-date information on law firms. These rankings reflect detailed analysis of law firm submissions and thousands of interviews with GCs and private practice lawyers, conducted by our team of experienced researchers in accordance with our guidelines.

In addition to ranking law firms and listing leading individuals by location and practice area to help in-house counsel make an informed choice, the guide also allows law firms to benchmark their own performance against their peers. As the new UK editor I would welcome your feedback and ideas about how we can bring the rankings to life throughout the year and ensure that they reflect a changing UK legal market, where diversity, value for money and the ability to make informed decisions are more important than ever.

If you have feedback on the Legal series of any kind, please do get in touch with our research team at editorial legal Clients expect their lawyers to understand the law.

The Legal UK Awards Law Firm Shortlist

What they really need are advisers who bring a clear understanding of their business and who can apply their legal expertise to the commercial context in which they operate. The first of an innovative series of roundtables and discussions with leading cyber security experts. The world's largest legal market survey analysing the pressures, concerns and future demands of GCs, allowing law firms to understand their clients better, and to interrogate the data to inform their strategy and growth. Enterprise GC provides a unique platform to address the evolving needs of the leading General Counsel from the UK's largest enterprise.

The GC Powerlist series highlights the most influential and innovative general counsel in a market. Recognising and rewarding the best in-house and private practice teams and individuals over the past 12 months. The Legal Meet the team How can my law firm get involved? The Legal Historical Data Track your firm's progress via our interactive historical rankings data service. Firms in the spotlight. First of all, I'd like to thank everybody clients and law firms alike for taking part in the research process this year -- you play an invaluable role in enabling us to gain a valuable insight into the current shape of the market.

Once the editing has been completed and the book is ready to head to the presses, I'll be starting to plan a series of trips around the UK -- stay tuned to future newsletters, my Twitter feed and the Legal UK Solicitors www. Research into the UK regions is winding down and the researchers are putting the finishing touches on their coverage before moving on to other projects.

We can take into account lawyer hires or departures for the purposes of our next edition if they are supplied to us by 18 July ; if you let us know after that date, we can make an update to our online coverage to reflect the change. Details of researchers and the London, PATMA and mediators sections they will be covering will be published on our website on 4 April — check back here for details at that time.


One of the questions we receive regarding the research process is whether every firm is interviewed. However, if you feel an interview with a researcher to cover any additional information not addressed in the editorial submission, firms are encouraged to contact researchers at the start of the research process. Researchers have a fairly tight window within which they have to conduct their research, and interviews have to be scheduled based on demand and availability, and are typically arranged on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are a business development or marketing team member at a law firm or set of chambers, The Legal Newsletter is a useful monthly email that is sent to alert you to upcoming research deadlines, publications or editor visits to markets - it's not a marketing email and recipients are only added upon request; if you don't find the content to be useful, you can be removed at any time.

Anna Bauböck, editor of The Legal 500 Deutschland, discusses law firm guides

We thoroughly recommend that you do sign up for the newsletter if you don't already receive it. You can request to be added to the mailing list via editorial legal This is just a brief reminder that the deadline for London editorial submissions and referees is 4 March.

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Referees: if you've not been able to send referees yet, you may still submit late referees until 18 march inclusive. Please send them to editorial legal Spreadsheets can be obtained from the research info page at www. Written submissions: The deadline for these is 4 March.

No doubt many of you are beavering away getting your editorial submissions and client referee spreadsheets ready in advance of the impending deadline this Friday 5 February. Referees: if you've not been able to send referees yet, you may still submit late referees until 19 February inclusive. Late referees will be treated differently to those that are supplied by the 5 February deadline. Any referees received between midnight on Friday 5 February and midnight on 19 February will be contacted only if that individual has not already been submitted in a spreadsheet by any firm before midnight on Friday 5 February This is to help ensure that referees do not receive multiple emails from us.

Written submissions: The deadline for these is 10 August. Researcher contact details will be made available online on Monday 8 February. Face-to-face meetings with researchers during their regional visits are always in high demand, and will typically be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the researchers, make sure you get in touch early to register your interest.

Over the last few years, the Manchester market has changed considerably: the influx of London-centric firms and demise of several traditional Manchester institutions has combined with a healthy smattering of national and regional firms and independent boutiques focusing on servicing clients in the SME sector. This is seemingly an opportune time for firms in Manchester. I am pleased to say I will be visiting, in an editorial capacity, Bristol between 19 and 21 January to meet firms and discuss the current rankings of The Legal UK.

I will also be more than happy to answer any questions about The Legal research process and submission best practices. I have a few slots left open so if you are interested in setting up a meeting please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please note that the research period for the upcoming edition of The Legal UK will start on 15 February and the relevant researcher s will be in touch shortly after to organise research interviews.

At The Legal , we place a strong emphasis on getting out and meeting law firms face to face in order to answer questions and give advice and tips on the research process. So, ahead of the upcoming research into The Legal UK details of the submission process and deadlines can be found on our website I will be travelling to Scotland to meet with firms during the week of the 25th January. I will be spending three days in Edinburgh, then travelling to Glasgow on the evening of the 27th and spending the remaining two days in Glasgow.

If you would like to schedule a meeting, please do get in touch. In addition to my Scotland trip, our deputy editors, Ella Marshall and Jonathan Armstrong, will be travelling to Manchester and Bristol during the week of 18th January.


If your firm would like to schedule a meeting during either of those visits, feel free to get in touch with them. My dates have now been confirmed and I will be in Manchester from the 20th to the 22nd of January. Please do get in contact if you would like to schedule a meeting; I will be more than happy to answer any questions about The Legal research process and submission best practice.

I look forward to reconnecting with those of you who I have worked with in my previous role as Editor of The Legal Asia Pacific, and working with those of you that I have yet to meet for the first time. The Legal UK has a long and storied history of covering the UK legal marketplace, and with that comes a significant weight of expectation. Going forward, I will be aiming to continue to uphold our tradition of high-quality insight and analysis, while exploring ways in which our research can continue to reflect the evolving legal landscape across the UK. As such, there has never been a more diverse and competitive range of law firms vying for a foothold.

Over the coming months, and throughout the research period which kicks off for the regions, Wales, Northern Ireland and offshore Britain on the 15th February, and for London, PATMA and mediators on the 4th April — see here for more information , I will be meeting with firms across the UK to discuss key market developments, obtain feedback from them on our research and answer any questions regarding our research methodology.

If you are interested in arranging a meeting, or would like to learn more about the research process, do get in touch. Look out for more information on upcoming trips around the UK to be conducted by me and our deputy editors soon. As some of you may be aware, I will be travelling up North in little under a week's time to meet with firms in Leeds — a city I know well as a former Loiner so no excuse for not being able to find my way around the place! I will be in Leeds from the 15th to the 17th of December, so please do let me know if you would like to arrange a meeting.

Deputy editor Ella Marshall will be in Leeds next week to meet with law firms to discuss the firm, the market and upcoming research for The Legal UK. Ella has a few available times remaining though they're going faster than a good Yorkshire pud! As such, the editorial submission guidelines for the regional and London chapters are available now here. Broadly speaking, the timeframe is very similar to last year - at a glance, here are the deadlines:. If you have any questions or would like guidance, please email us at editorial legal The Legal United Kingdom is approaching its 29th edition as we draw close to and we are delighted to announce the appointment of Alexander Boyes as the new Editor of The Legal UK - Solicitors.

Alex will be returning to the company, as of 4 January , having spent time in the communications team at a renowned global law firm; eager students of Legalease's staff history will recall that Alex previously worked at Legalease as editor of the Asia Pacific edition. The move comes after John Read left the company due to family circumstances; John made a strong contribution to the team and product during his time here and we wish him and his family well.

Alex and deputies will be out and about visiting law firms around the UK from early - more details in due course. Now that the dust is settling on the edition, like painting the Forth Bridge, thoughts turn to the schedule for Submission guidelines for will be published in the week starting 16 November, along with deadlines - though these will be largely the same as start of February for regional and offshore firms, and those in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; and start of March for London and PATMA firms.

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Over the past couple of days I've been moonlighting as editor of The Legal Caribbean, which also includes coverage of Bermuda. With the growing number of offshore structures being used as part of global strategy, it's well worth a look.

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The guide goes into production this week and will launch online here on 9 November. Congratulations to all firms that were shortlisted, and particularly those that won! Our awards are decided on the basis of our comprehensive research for the new guide. The UK legal market now offers more choice than ever, and this is reflected in the rankings, which have been freshened up across the board, with more movement than ever before. Specialist firms with non-traditional business models are a credible alternative to the traditional, full-service powerhouses.

The Legal series provides impartial opinion and analysis on thousands of law firms globally. Alongside helping general counsel to make decisions on which law firms might be the ones to instruct, or helping law firms seeking a referral partner, www.

How your law firm/set can get involved

The latest edition of The Lex is now live at The Lex The respondents provided approximately 2, hours of interview time to allow us to compile the largest ever legal survey. CIR is instructive stuff that is free to all the survey's participants and can be purchased by law firms. To find out more, please click here.