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  1. Conger, "A German Ancestor for Shelley's Monster"
  2. Der Verbrecher Aus Verlorener Ehre/Lebens-Geschichte Fridrich Schwans (German Edition)
  3. ISBN 13: 9783123517709

There can be no doubt that the theme of honour was uppermost in Schiller's mind as he worked on his version of the story of the criminal Friedrich Schwan, which he got from his former teacher Jakob Friedrich Abel, who visited him in his Mannheim exile on 13 November The central position of that theme is clear from the decision to change the title from Der Verbrecher aus Infamie in the version which appeared in the Thalia in February to Der Verbrecher aus verlorener Ehre in As Roswitha Jacobsen has remarked:.

"Der Verbrecher aus verlorener Ehre" - Friedrich Schiller - Hörbuch

Schon der Titel verletzt eine Konvention. Zum ublichen 'Personal' der Prozessberichte gehoren die 'Verbrecher aus Ehrsucht', wobei das schuldhafte Versagen eindeutig dem 'Verbrecher' zugerechnetwird, der seinen ubersteigerten Affekten folgt. Schiller kehrt diese Sichtweise um: jemand wird zum Verbrecher, weil er die Ehre verlor.

Conger, "A German Ancestor for Shelley's Monster"

Schiller does indeed turn the perspective around, and not only with respect to court reports: the criminal out of excessive ambition was also a stock figure in contemporary drama. Egoistic and ambitious malefactors turn up in Goethe's Clavigo , Klinger's Die Zwillinge , and Iland's Verbrechen aus Ehrsucht --Schiller provided Iffland with the title for the latter play, just as Iffland had named Kabale und Liebe while the two men were at the Mannheim Theatre.

The original title of Schiller's story refers to a specific legal sanction, the so-called Infamiestrafe, employed in cases of recidivism, which effectively stripped the criminal of his honour. By altering the title of the story, Schiller emphasizes the perceived causal relation between the juridical deprivation of honour and the subsequent life of crime led by his protagonist, Christian Wolf.

The literary preoccupation with the honour theme had, broadly speaking, its roots in a shift from an aristocratic to a bourgeois model of honour that had been underway in the course of the eighteenth century.

Der Verbrecher Aus Verlorener Ehre/Lebens-Geschichte Fridrich Schwans (German Edition)

For the most part the dramatists were connecting with a strand of criticism of the honour concept that had already been initiated by philosophers some decades before. Bernard de Mandeville, in his Fable of the Bees , , strikes a characteristically sceptical note in asserting that honour amounts to nothing more than the opinion of others, and that any notion of an 'inner' honour is a figment of the imagination.

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ISBN 13: 9783123517709

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