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  1. Akademie Schloss Solitude
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  3. Der Traum, Op. 146 No. 3 (Robert Schumann)

Schmidt superfans buy lecterns to read it. We sat with the novel open between us on the couch, and pages from his translation, composed in the course of ten years, scattered across our laps. Each page of the novel measures eleven by fourteen inches and features three columns of text. To the left are quotations from the works of Poe; text from the center column extends leftward when the characters quote or discuss the writer. On the right side are marginalia from diverse sources, such as dictionaries and recipe books.

Habe einen Traum ! Motivation(Deutsch/German)

In the past few years, Schmidt has been increasingly recognized among critics and scholars as a radically idiosyncratic voice in postwar German literature, but Fischer and her colleagues at the foundation believe there is still work to be done. Here is an excerpt:. First, the punctuation. Guillemets, those double arrows, encase speech; parentheses enclose stage directions, more or less. Beyond that, there are no firm rules.

All is musky with sex. The meaning of D is less clear; Woods said that it could refer to Dan.

Akademie Schloss Solitude

Woods did not see a way to reproduce this move in English. Corresponding with Woods by e-mail, I tried my hand at uncovering an etym. But regardless of his intention, Woods said, my reading was neither right nor wrong—it was one of many valid possibilities.

Schmidt can be hard on the eyes. Last December, a mostly older audience gathered at the Academy of Arts, in Berlin, to hear Woods read from his translation. He sat onstage beside a giant projector screen featuring two pages from the original German. Schmidt did not like to be distracted. He escaped to the city of Darmstadt, which was less religiously oppressive the charges were eventually dropped. He compiled roughly a hundred and twenty thousand scraps of paper, or Zettel , in shallow wooden boxes, which he spread out on his desk.

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Waves make noise. But why is that? And why does the noise relax us rather than disturb us? Climate research on the high, warming seas On a voyage from Antarctica to the German port of Bremerhaven, a team of scientists and students are hoping to gain a better understanding of rising temperatures in the depths of the open ocean. Painkillers - The expert's view Michael Schenk treats patients suffering from pain.

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3.5.1 Rubrics and instructions

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From a health standpoint, that's bogus. Farhad Djabbari has been practicing yoga for a long time and has introduced many students to the benefits of the ancient practice.

Der Traum, Op. 146 No. 3 (Robert Schumann)

In Good Shape host Carsten Lekutat got the instructor to show him some poses. Noise pollution in cities Urban centers are usually loud. But when do the sounds of the city become noise? And why is that a problem? DW reporter Anna Sacco went in search of answers and a bit of peace and quiet in the urban jungle. Blood donation: Everything you've ever needed to know