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But it is one, because that rough patch of mosquito-ridden land off the Dorset coast was where a daring social experiment was conducted by a man, whose status as a revolutionary can best be judged by consulting the list of the best selling books of all time.

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Atop the list is The Bible, closely followed by The Koran. The boys came from all walks of life. Their diverse backgrounds made no difference and the amazing success of this first Scout Camp prompted Baden-Powell to write Scouting for Boys, which was published as a fortnightly part work in the spring of Scouting for Boys was only ever intended to be a guide to activities that could be run by leaders of other youth organisations around at the time — including the Christian Boys Brigade.

Before too long, other children demanded to join his new gang, prompting Harold to seek help.

The Boy Scouts for Uncle Sam - John Henry Goldfrap - Google книги

Harold approached Tom Foley, the organist at his church and a noted outdoorsman, who agreed to become their leader. The next step was to find a meeting place, so Harold and Tom approached their church, but hit upon an immediate snag. The church was happy to provide a hall, but only if they could recruit the Scouts as potential believers. So the offer from the church was turned down in favour of a room in the basement of a local shop where the 1st Chiswick Scout Troop began meeting in September Harold declared that the Troop must always be open to boys — and 90 years later, girls — regardless of whether they had a faith or not.

That principle was ingrained into every member of the 1st Chiswick from then onwards, including into myself, when I became their leader in Sadly, the 1st Chiswick ceased functioning in , and became integrated into a neighbouring group that was started in by Hubert Martin, a man who later helped spread Scouting around the world.

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And spread it did. Today, there are 28 million Scouts in the world. And in terms of size, the World Scout Jamborees held every 4 years, dwarf the Olympics. Firstly, it offers activities that will always appeal to children. Two weeks ago, I took seventeen 6—8 year olds on a day trip to their first Scout camp.

Despite atrocious weather, they eagerly threw themselves into such timeless Scouting activities as hiking, climbing and burning sausages to a crisp over a smoky wood fire. Scouting also works because it tries to be open to all. Boyce through a thick London fog. Boyce offered the boy some money for his assistance, but the boy refused it, saying that as a Scout he could not accept payment for being helpful.

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  • As in other countries — including Britain — the churches in America quickly saw an opportunity to use Scouting for their own ends. However, in America, their grip tightened as time went on. There are also 9, Catholic Groups and 4, Lutheran groups.

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    Though there was no actual rule allowing them to do so, the BSA sacked a volunteer Scout Leader called Tim Curran because he admitted to being gay. He took them to court and in , he finally lost his case.


    As a result, Rice set up Scouting for All, an organisation campaigning to end the ban on gays. The main requirement for this badge is that the Scout must pick an issue and then write a letter about it to a politician. He made little progress with the politicians. As a result, he launched a petition, which garnered 35, signatories from 50 states and 18 different countries.

    Then the media interest came. This was hardly surprising, after all Cozza presented a powerful image. He was 13 years old, straight and an Eagle Scout. Now in the US, Eagle Scouts are regarded with awe. Former Eagle Scouts include presidents, astronauts and captains of industries and it is considered to be highest award a boy can get in America.

    So the fact that an Eagle Scout was challenging his own organisation proved to be hugely embarrassing to the BSA as his young face regularly appeared on TV screens and magazine covers across the States as he spoke on news programmes and at demonstrations around the country. Despite putting up with homophobic abuse after being interviewed for gay magazines, Cozza continued with his campaign. Scouting For All soon became a nationally known organisation, with its own offices, website and charitable funding. A couple of years later Scouting For All extended its remit to include atheists and girls, two other groups who were specifically forbidden to join the BSA.

    But the BSA kept saying nothing other than they were a private organisation that could set its own conditions of membership. Cozza and Scouting For All seized upon the ruling. They contacted thousands of local authorities and other sponsors of Scouting urging them to withdraw funding on the grounds that the BSA were not a public organisation open to all.

    Girls to be Admitted into Boy Scouts

    The end result for the BSA was catastrophic. Scores of state schools across American have stopped sponsoring, funding, and giving special treatment to BSA. Prior to the ruling, state schools used to allow Scout Troops to use their facilities either for free or at a greatly reduced rate, but not any longer. Funding or special privileges have also been withdrawn by hundreds of local authorities across America as well as by many local and national governmental organisations associated with the police, the fire service, hospitals and branches of the armed services.

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    They have also lost countless millions from sponsorship deals and employee giving schemes as Scouting for All pointed out to huge corporations like J. Morgan and Merrill Lynch that the BSA discriminated in a way that directly contravened their own equal opportunities policies. They have also faced very public criticism from notable Americans such as Michael Bloomberg, Steven Spielberg and former President Clinton. He was a "rangy," sun burned lad of about eighteen, clear eyed, confident and wiry. His Boy Scout training, too, had made him resourceful beyond his years.

    I thought at one time that you'd fade away to a shadow. Pretty substantial sort of shadow," grinned Hiram Nelson, who, besides Paul Perkins, was the inventive genius of the Eagles. The scene of these reminiscences was the comfortably furnished patrol room of the Eagles, situated over the bank of the little town of Hampton on the south shore of Long Island.